MOTI New Product Stuns at the Vaper Expo 2022 in Birmingham UK
BY Mozart Liu @ June 22, 2022

MOTI has always been a top player in the vape industry. We can see from its exhibits, including POD MOD systems, disposable vape pens, and personal advanced products.

What attracts people is not its stunning appearance, but its powerful capabilities.

MOTI X Mini is the first MASSIVE CLOUD prefilled POD system, a cross vape product that brings different vapers together to form a new vaping community. Regarded as a pod vape product, but its performance is as strong as a mod vape product, the MOTI X Mini goes further in bringing different vapers together.

Also joining the Vaper Expo are the MOTI K Pro and MOTI C Arise. Both of which include the essentials for vaping, the MOTI C Arise creates an affordable option for vapers seeking both playful recreation and a great vaping experience. The MOTI K Pro offers more playability, such as flip the fun(flip the pod to change the vaping modes), visible vaping information on the LED screen, and a rechargeable port.

Last but not least is the disposable series. This time we can see MOTI has brought different disposable vape pens, the MOTI POP, the MOTI PIIN 2, and other new disposable products.

MOTI PIIN series include the light-weighted pocket-size MOTI PIIN and double-sized PIIN Plus, which give customers different choices to cater to their different preferences. This time MOTI brings its new PIIN product, the PIIN 2, which has already gained large repute and orders from customers worldwide.

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 and the team was established in 2013 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. Honored as one of the TOP 10 E-Cig brands in IECIE EXPO many times, MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user friendly. MOTI owns a high-standard manufacturer team. It also works closely with reliable partners such as SMOORE and VAPORESSO to promote the industry's move forward.

Bringing different vapers together is MOTI’s steady target in the industry development. Each of its products represents an attitude to life, allowing more people to join the MOTI family. They are the MOTIers. Through this exhibition, MOTI reinforces its commitment to building a better vaping community. The concept of Vape smart and Vape Good is well-delivered to different vaper users.

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